Speaking into the Void

Hi, me again.

I feel like i am speaking into the void.

I haven't really told anyone about the site yet because I have a belief that it is better to talk about what you have accomplished rather than what you intend to do.

I have a lot of ideas for topics, but I was running into a wall. How do I create discrete articles that can be discovered by people searching for answers? How many times have you read a blog post and then went back to read other articles? I rarely do that. Unless I am stalking you, I will find my answer and then move on to the next thing. I want to create content that operates like that. If I want to share a recipe or a song, that should be my prerogative.

Anyway, the format of the blog I initially set up was all one page. That is great for keeping everything in one place, but how many times have I clicked on a link to then have to scroll down endless pages to find what I was looking for?

I searched for a solution. Would I have to install Wordpress afterall? What about Bootstrap? Perhaps I could code a widget that would bring up one article at a time? Then, while I wasn't thinking about it, I came across another blog. I noticed their main page had links to "read more" after a couple sentences. I clicked the link and noticed each article had its own address. It was a eureka moment, but also fairly obvious.

Thinking about my own practice, how can I bring my expertise to clients without diminishing their capabilities? I would rather be a consultant brought on to fill a niche than sway people wIth shiny packaging to spend money to do something that they're fully capable of doing on their own. Good design is more than bells and whistles. It's about drilling down to the heart of the matter and finding a solution that not only works, but is elegant and efficient.